An easy to use and lightweight Open-source CAD model data management tool.


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The "Lightweight Model Database" helps you to organize CAD models and other documents in your projects. I primarily developed it to keep the folder with my 3D printing projects clean, but it can be used for many other project or data types.

And the best: It is multi-platform!

Windows, Linux, MacOS - no problem.

"Lightweight Model DB" is Open-source ( and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 ( This means, that you can download the sourcecode and the program itself for free. You can copy, modify and distribute it, if you wish to.



  • Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface
  • The produced folder structure is logical and even usable if you decide not to use LMDB anymore. Nothing has to be re-arranged - the Database is just optional and very helpful for storing additional Information (just as weblinks, printing parameters, notes,...)
  • No installation needed. Place it everywhere you like. Put it in your Dropbox or other cloud folder and all your computers are ready to go! 
  • Based on the use of Java, it's runnable on Windows (7 , 8.1 , 10 with JRE 1.8), MacOS (Java 8) and Linux
  • Small filesize and low RAM consumption
  • Integrated STL file viewer (currently not available in the MacOS version due to an OpenGL incompatibility)
  • Check-in/-out your files and edit them safely with temporary working copies
  • Basic file and database backup functionality
  • OS integration (context menu)
  • All data is stored in a single SQLite file
  • Check out the new Features of 1.1.19 below!


  • Full-text search
  • Directly create Dropbox share links




Version 1.1.19 is available now!

(At the moment Windows and MacOS only, Linux will follow)

New Features:

  • The size of the main window can be changed now, maximizing of the window is possible
  • Complete German translation: The language of the user interface can be set to German with a configuration file entry
  • Object copy function: The copy of an object can either be linked to an existing project or linked to a newly created one during the copy process
  • Integration of user-defined commands: Add individual commands to the menu - as much as you need. Keywords allow you to access to various project and object attributes which can be used to open object files with external applications (e.g. for opening STL files or other data types like FEM results in a post-processor).



Download and try it now!