Basic Installation on all platforms: Put the .jar in a folder of your choice and run the starting script corresponding to your Operating System. To run the application, the 64bit version of Java JRE 1.8 needs to be installed!*

Please always use the provided starting scripts because the App needs to be launched from the correct working directory in which your model database is stored.

Before you can use any of the scripts, you have to change the installation directory.

Here are the lines you have to change:





If you update LMDB in the future, you also have to change the version number in the starting script!


Using a configuration file

The ability to use a configuration file was now intruduced in version 1.1.19. This config file allows you to set the language of the GUI to German or add individual menu entries to the "Tools" menu. The configuration file is optional, so it do not have to be present. In this case, the language will be set to English by default.

LMDB searches for the configfile with the name "" in the application directory. It can be useful to provide separate configfiles for each platform version, if they are all stored in the same directory. This can be achieved by running the .jar file with two additional parameters:


The first parameter -cf is follwed by a filename of your choice.

The configfile's structure is as followed:


In order to set the GUI language to German, the configfile has to contain the line „lang=de“.

User-defined commands can be integrated in the menu by simply adding lines according to the pattern:


The numbering of user-command  before the = is not strictly. It can also be user-command_a, user-command_b and so on. The presence of the character sequence user-command  is important and that every entry name is unique.


Notes for the usage under Linux and MacOS 

Notes for the usage under Linux: I only tested it with the original Oracle Java JRE binaries. Maybe, it runs with OpenJDK or others, but I strongly recommend using the original Java binaries. GTK2 have to be installed.

Notes for the usage under MacOS: The parameter -xStartOnFirstThread is neccessary to start the App because MacOS restricts loading interfaces on other than the first thread. Before you can run the starting script I provided with the bundle, you may have to do the following steps:

  • Go to the directory where LMDB was extracted to
  • Right click on some white background in the finder and choose: Actions -> Open Terminal
  • Type in: chmod +x
  • And hit Enter


Create a MacOS Dock entry

The fastest way to do this is to use Automator. Type "Automator" into Spotlight search and hit Enter. 
Follow these steps to create an Icon in the Dock:

  • Choose "Application"
  • Type in the filter "Run Shellscript"
  • Drag/drop the entry to the right side of the window
  • Choose Shell: "/bin/bash" and "To stdin"
  • Type in the following script and modify the username and the path after "cd" corresponding to the directory of your database file
    • sh /Users/Julian/Dropbox/[...]/start_LMDB_osx.jar
  • Save it (e.g. as "Start LMDB") in your Application folder
  • Drag it to the Dock



For OS integration, see:

  • Windows:  Link
  • MacOS:  Link
  • Linux:   Sorry, no time for working it out yet... :(


*There is also a 32bit Edition of version 1.1.19 for Windows in my Sourceforge repository.