How can I rename a project after it has been stored?

At the moment, it's unfortunately not possible to rename a project.

However, this can be achived by manually editing the database entries.

Do not forget to create a Backup (a database  snapshot) before any direct writing to the database file!

  • Create a snapshot
  • Download & install the application "SQLiteBrowser". URL: http://sqlitebrowser.org/
  • Open the database "modeldata.db"
  • Change to the tab "Browse Data"
  • Search the project which you want to rename (-> TYPE: project)
  • Change its name (column NAME) -> right side of the app "Edit Database Cell" -> click on "Apply"
  • Filter the projekt ID in the column PLINK
  • In all projects which ware shown now, edit in the column FLINK every path and change the name of the project directory according to the new project name
  • Click on "Write Changes" in the top menu and quit the application
  • Change the name of the project directory on the harddisk

Doing this is on your own risk! The loss of data may be possible - you should know what you do!