Extension for Autodesk® Inventor® 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015


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Do you work often with different sheet formats and the dedicated sheet borders in Autodesk Inventor®? Do you need often unusual sheet formats which aren't shown in the selection menu?

In this case, the extension "Advanced Drawing Resizer" can help you saving lots of unnecessary clicks!

You can put as many formats as you want in the configuration file, which can be accessed all in the application in an easy and clear way. One format contains all information about the dimensions of the sheet and the according border and titleblock.

Advanced Drawing Resizer was developed to the principle doing more tasks (which are normally requierd to do when changing the sheet format) with just a few clicks. This saves precious time when creating drawings! Despite of many features, the tool can configured in a flexible way and has an intuitive userinterface, which can be used without any training.




An overview of all the features

  • All pre-defined sheet formats you find in Inventor®'s menu can be combined with a border / titlebox as desired
  • Unlimited number of  user-defined formats can be created (except the trial version)
  • A short description text can be added to each format to help the user in choosing the right format
  • The position of the titleblock can be specified for each format
  • The titleblock can be removed completely if necessary
  • A format can be applied to multiple sheets with just one click
  • The formats are stored in an XML file. This makes it easier to read and understand the structure and can be edited with any text editor.
  • Once created, the XML file can be distributed to some workstations without big effort. Updates and additions can be done just by replacing the old file version with the new one.




The following video shows how easy Advanced Drawing Resizer can be used and extemded with custom formats: