Extension for Autodesk® Inventor® 2013, 2014 und 2015


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For a seamless integration of CAD design in modern logistic environments, QR Codes (2D) and Barcodes (1D) have become essential.

A good integration in the CAD-/PLM system is an advantage if technical drawing should be used in such environments with minimum effort.

The QR code/Barcode Tool was developed for easy encoding of the relevant data to a QR/Barcode. It is seamlessly interated into the userinterface  of Autodesk Inventor® and offers simple access to data embedded in part/assembly documents (such as iProperties or BOM).



An overview of the most important features:

  • Creation of QR Codes according to ISO/IEC 18004 (Support of the DataMatrix Code ISO/IEC 16022 is planned)
  • Creation of 1D-Codes. Many popular formats are available:

  • Easy access to all document related or custom iProperties of:
    • the drawing document
    • the referenced part or assembly documents
  • Automatically generated code string consisting of the chosen values and a delimiter string which can be freely entered.
  • Access to the BOM of referenced assembly documents and automatic creation of annotation tags for every BOM item (optionally with cleartext label of the item number)
  • The text, which is contained in the code, can be entered/edited without any restriction
  • Several size formats (in mm) are available (automatic pixel size adjustment)
  • Single codes can be placed after creation simply by clicking in the drawing area
  • Preview of the QR Code/Barcode before creation
  •   QR Codes/Barcodes can be saved as image file


Without wasting time with many clicks - intuitive userinterface, easy accessibility of the core functions

All functions are accessible on the userinterface of the QR Code/Barcode Tool. No excursions into deep configuration menus are necessary!


The values of the found iProperties are clearly visible and can be selected with a click. The Code can be displayed in a realtime generated preview windows in any size.


Unless an assembly document is referenced in the drawing, the user can switch to the BOM view and select all BOM entries for those annotation tags shall be created.


Depending on the selection, the QR/Barcode can contain BOM item number, part number or the description of the BOM entry.


The BOM item number can be displayed as cleartext in the labels to maintain readability without a scanner system.


A number of certain size formats make it possible to adjust the size of the codes according to the sheet format of the drawing. A white frame around the QR Code avoids an influence of e.g. neighbouring annotation tags or lines to the readout result.

The resolution of the QR Codes is adjusted automatically to get a good legible result everytime.